Banana Bag Oral Solution Subscription Service
Banana Bag Oral Solution Subscription Service
Banana Bag Oral Solution Subscription Service
Banana Bag Oral Solution Subscription Service
Banana Bag Oral Solution Subscription Service

Banana Bag Oral Solution Subscription Service

Why subscribe?

  • Savings start at 20% for 5 packs, and up to an additional 22% off the already discounted 30 pack. 
  • Drinking a Banana Bag Oral Solution even just a few times a week is a highly effective way to stay hydrated and refill the body with vitamins that may have been depleted from issues related to chronic illnesses, surgeries, poor diets, alcohol use...the list is larger than we think.  
  • Set your delivery schedule. Choose when you want us to ship your order, or pause your order. Cancel anytime.
  • Once you start, just create your account with the website and easily manage your subscription and health... the way you want.
  • For ages 14 and older.
  • Free shipping. 

"This magical drink keeps me from having to go to the ER to get IV fluids and for that I can’t give it enough stars!!! I consider it a part of my daily medication routine to help me stay upright and feeling well..." - Alison S.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 416 reviews
Works wonderfully

Helped when i was getting sick but still needed to keep moving. Kept me hydrated so i could get better faster. It also helped after a late night of having a few drinks. No headaches

Kept me from dehydrating while I had the stomach flu! Helps with migraines, too!

I caught a stomach bug that kept me from being able to keep anything in for 6 days. At least I was able to sip the Banana Bag Oral Solution mixed with water and a little lemon flavoring to keep myself hydrated during the illness. On day 4 I ran out, and on day 6 I was in the hospital getting fluids and medication. I would've dehydrated MUCH sooner without the Banana Bag Oral Solution!
I also use it on migraine days when the nausea is so horrible I can't keep anything down all day. Slowly sipping on ice cold Banana Bag Oral Solution helps and the next day I don't have the usual migraine 'hangover'.

Perfect for Yoga

When it’s too early for breakfast but I need something to sustain me through class, BBOS does the trick.

Let’s try it!

Well decided to try Banana Bag Oral. I do a lot of hiking, traveling, occasional adults beverages, and work as a paramedic. I can say this stuff seems to work well to rehydrate you and cut through some of the grogginess. I didn’t expect much on the taste but it’s not good nor bad just kind of there. It left me feeling better and less dehydrated. It also seems to work well fighting jet lag since it seems you can never get enough water on a long flight. It mixes well in a water bottle by shaking with little residue. I will be ordering this product again but not sure I use it enough for a subscription yet. I would recommend giving this a try for anyone that is active or travels a lot. It’s also less sugary than some of the usual alternatives out there.

I think it works

I woke up with a brutal migraine this week and took banana bag. The taste leaves a LOT to be desired but I think it did the trick in terms of helping with dehydration (not from alcohol).