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Works wonderfully

Helped when i was getting sick but still needed to keep moving. Kept me hydrated so i could get better faster. It also helped after a late night of having a few drinks. No headaches

Kept me from dehydrating while I had the stomach flu! Helps with migraines, too!

I caught a stomach bug that kept me from being able to keep anything in for 6 days. At least I was able to sip the Banana Bag Oral Solution mixed with water and a little lemon flavoring to keep myself hydrated during the illness. On day 4 I ran out, and on day 6 I was in the hospital getting fluids and medication. I would've dehydrated MUCH sooner without the Banana Bag Oral Solution!
I also use it on migraine days when the nausea is so horrible I can't keep anything down all day. Slowly sipping on ice cold Banana Bag Oral Solution helps and the next day I don't have the usual migraine 'hangover'.

Perfect for Yoga

When it’s too early for breakfast but I need something to sustain me through class, BBOS does the trick.

Let’s try it!

Well decided to try Banana Bag Oral. I do a lot of hiking, traveling, occasional adults beverages, and work as a paramedic. I can say this stuff seems to work well to rehydrate you and cut through some of the grogginess. I didn’t expect much on the taste but it’s not good nor bad just kind of there. It left me feeling better and less dehydrated. It also seems to work well fighting jet lag since it seems you can never get enough water on a long flight. It mixes well in a water bottle by shaking with little residue. I will be ordering this product again but not sure I use it enough for a subscription yet. I would recommend giving this a try for anyone that is active or travels a lot. It’s also less sugary than some of the usual alternatives out there.

I think it works

I woke up with a brutal migraine this week and took banana bag. The taste leaves a LOT to be desired but I think it did the trick in terms of helping with dehydration (not from alcohol).


Great stuff, not bad tasting. I would definitely buy again.

Banana Bag Oral Solution Subscription Service

great for when you forget to water up!!!


Feel very good after a night out! Not sugary, so I don’t feel gross.

Hydration is important!

I’ve been sleeping better since I started using Banana Bag and I don’t get muscle cramps after working out anymore. I love this stuff!

Banana Bag Solutions are the best!

This is the 2nd time I'm ordering them and I love them!

Works great

I think it worked great! The only down side is that I could smell it all day afterwards

My go to

I've been using banana bags to rehydrate after weighing in for competition. It's now my go to and I recommend it to all my teammates.


I have dysautonomia and after trying so many different hydration products, this one is by FAR the best for my symptoms. I also have other chronic fatigue with fibromyalgia and thyroid issues so I’m always so tired and dizzy. This stuff helps me so much I’m able to get up and get my housework done without feeling exhausted, dizzy, And tachycardic. I would give this stuff 100000000 stars if I could. It gave me my back! I just wish I could order more often!

Repeat Customer

I decided to try these for my headaches. I am a nurse and always busy. I forget to drink fluids during my shifts because there is not enough time. I usually would take excedrin and drink caffeinated pop for the headache. But, I tried this product and noticed that I did not have that constant headache all day long. And I watched how I felt after each packet and I got the same headache. So, I ordered more to keep at work. And the taste is not horrible. I did not expect it to be sugary/sweet. And I appreciate the honesty when customers have asked about the taste. The website is honest. To me, it tastes like slightly salty lemon lime. But, I do not care what it tastes like as long as it works.

Customer service

I've had nothing but excellent customer service from this company. And delivery is nice And quick 🙂

Highly Recommend!

This stuff works great! If you're not feeling on top of your game this is the fix, especially after a Friday or Saturday night of partying a little too much. My husband and I will take it the morning after and feel great, no more wasting a day away recovering! It does taste like salty, powdered, multivitamins, but we just mix it with Powerade Zero and pound it down. I'd rather it taste like vitamins than be loaded with artificial sweeteners anyway. Customer service is great too. 10/10 would highly recommend!

Amazing product!

I suffering for Migraines headaches. Very debilitating. This proxy help to mantaing Me hydrate!. 5 ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


This was the first hangover product that has ever made a difference for me! I get horrible debilitating hangovers where I have to stay in bed the entire day, can’t eat, can’t drink, constantly vomiting. After drinking a Banana Bag I was able to meet people for an early lunch, and felt fine. No more wasting entire days because of drinking!! Thank you :) (don’t worry, I’ve been spreading the word!)

great stuff .. great service

Tastes terrible but works

I wish there was a way for them to flavor it because it tastes terrible. It’s not too much to drink though so i just sucked it down with a straw. Works pretty fast.

Banana Bag Oral Solution

Unicorn Drink

This is amazing! I deal with dehydration and vitamin deficiency and after one packet I felt normal again. Highly recommend. You have a new lifetime customer.