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Yes, it’s true that it doesn’t taste great. But most alcohol drinks don’t taste great either, and no one has an issue slinging those back!
Works great! Took mine before bed!

So far so good!

Took twice and definitely seemed to help. Will be going on vacation to Mexico soon, that will be the real test!

POTS patient relief

I find that I have more energy now that I use your product daily. It definitely lessens the fatigue that accompanies my chronic illness. Thank you for your product

Taste is Horrible

The taste is horrible and we won’t be ordering again. Thanks

Banana Bag Oral Solution

Banana Bag Oral Solution


Life Changer. I have my energy and focus back. Taste is not the most pleasant. But I feel amazing. THANK YOU.

Banana Bag Oral Solution

Good marketing

Taste is pretty bad but I didn’t expect much..
Liquid IV tastes better but is full of sugar
I took this before a wedding and I cramped up so bad versus drinking heavier the day before without drinking this

Banana Bag Oral Solution

Super product

This is definitely the best thing on the market for scientifically backed hydration. The banana bag product is wonderful using as a recovery agent after a night of drinking. I also use it after cutting grass, and working out in my garden all day. I highly recommend this product.

Awesome stuff!!

These were AMAZING for our trip to Jamaica! Imbibed a little too much the one night, drank 2 of these the next morning and felt like a million bucks.

Taste isn't horrible & seemed to prevent hangover symptoms, I drank this before going to bed after a few heavy nights of drinking! Would definitely buy again!🍻


This stuff is awesome to take backpacking! All day in the southern Utah desert and a few fingers of bourbon at night. Drink a banana bag every morning and feel amazing + for the long day ahead!


How can I get referrals!


First order ------ and I'm impressed (I must add that I have been drinking only HALF a bottle each hard, long work shirt, yet that's very effective for me, a non energy drink user)


This stuff helps my body out a lot!!!

Great for POTS Syndrome

Since being diagnosed with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome I have needed extra electrolytes, hydration, and salt. This has helped me tremendously. I am able to moderately exercise and banana bag keeps me from getting woozy. I am very happy to have found this.

Life saver!

I was really worried about trying these after reading the reviews about the flavor but they are seriously not that bad. It wouldn't be my first drink of choice but the flavor isn't that bad and is totally worth not being hung over after a night of drinking! Just try it! Trust me!


I take my last review back...this stuff works. I find myself reaching for it daily. Thank you!

True Story

I am very pleased with this product, my mother is suffering from stomach issues and has been lost a decent amount of weight over the past couple of months. Decided to give these banana bags a try for her and remarkably her appetite has return at a slow pace and has given her energy!! She's now asking me when is the next batch is coming in to her! = )
Thank you!

Thank you

Love that it showed up so fast, got it for my child in law as they have eds and was struggling with staying in collage classes due to dehydration issues. Your product help them finish out the semester even though finals.

Felt Horrible

I read the reviews and thought i would try this. I took it as directed on the bag with water and i felt miserable all day long. I had drank the night before but i usually don't get hangovers. I wanted to see if it gave any energy or what it did. It make me feel super sick all day long and could not get over the feeling. I will not be using the other packets that came with. Hopefully it works better for other customers. Just not for me.

Hi William, Sorry to hear things went in the opposite direction for you with this product. It is odd, but the human body is complex and something in you didn't agree with the dose of vitamins I suppose. I just processed a refund for you. You shouldn't have to pay for something that actually made you feel worse. Sincerely. Brian
Actually worked!!

I had friends from out of town over and had a late night with to much wine, had a 12 hour shift the next day. I drank one before bed and when I woke up I felt fine in no time . Normally I would have felt terrible .

Love it

Makes me hydrated & energy tell lots of people!!!!