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Ditch the Gatorade- the REAL hydration is here!

I’m pretty familiar with an IV banana bag, as I work in the ER. So when I saw these on a FB ad, curiosity won and I bought myself a couple weeks worth of this product. First of all, I need to start by saying it doesn’t taste as bad as some people say!! Don’t let that discourage you from trying it! It’s just like drinking water with a very very light tart/acidic flavor- that’s it. I totally recommend it! I work two jobs - ER tech and 911 dispatcher - so I’m always going non-stop for 12+ hours every shift, almost 7 days a week. So far, I feel the benefit from hydrating myself with the components my body truly needs vs a sugary thirst quencher like Gatorade. I haven’t had the two weeks worth of product yet but I love it so far. Thank you, Brian, for coming up with an alternative to an IV banana bag! 🙌🏼


I feel amazing mentally and physically after drinking one bag I have felt great for over 24 hours now. Will definitely be buying more and sharing with my friends to try. Everyone needs this stuff. Doesn't taste amazing but not horrible kind of like an unsweetened lemon lime Gatorade with extra vitamins. I just added extra water to dilute it more. Definitely worth the price and free shipping makes it that much better. Thank you so much for creating this stuff!!!

This product is the best product I’ve found for myself and my team!

So I work as the medical team leader for our Sheriffs Office Special Reaponse Team (SWAT Team), and as you can imagine we work really hard in all climates.... with nearly 90 lbs of gear on! Every June we do a one week long 14 hour a day Advanced SWAT training week. This week is always hard on everyone as it’s normally hot and miserable out in the sun shooting and running and training. Without our Banana bag supplements I can guarantee you that I would have tons of heat casualties! We never have ANY! The guys actually seek us out and say “doc I need a banana bag, I’m getting smoked here”. Once they drink it and continue to hydrate... they’re feeling great and are immediately back in the game!! I can’t speak highly enough about the product as it has saved many of my guys from needing IV rehydration while training and on operations. I believe it works so well I pay for it out of my own pocket, so I know I have enough available at all times, and I’ll continue to do so because it WORKS! Period! Great product guys and thanks for keeping us moving and healthy!!


Taste wasn't bad. Made me feel better almost immediately. Wish I could buy these in the store so I don't have to wait for shipping.

Excellent product!

After drinking this I have so much energy! I'm a tennis player and have to be constantly hydrating, this product is excellent!

Amazing product!

Previous to using this product, I suffered from daily headaches. I almost forgot what life was like without at least a mild headache. I tried the majority of electrolyte powders on the market and most of them did very little to help. Banana bag is a life changing product, works very quickly. I’ve already re-ordered a 15 pack!

Made a difference

Loved the fact of no sweeteners or fake stuff, trading up Gatorade for Banana Bags!

Simply the best!

Banana Bag Oral Drink is simply the best way to re-hydrate your body and make you feel great again. It’s loaded with B vitamins and electrolytes! I’m a 20year firefighter and a packet of Banana Bag Oral Drink is a must when I’m on shift or off and I’m dehydrated or just feel bad from a long day. I also drink this when I feel run down or like I might be getting sick. In about a half hour after drinking one packet, I feel great and ready to work at 100% again. I’m a repeat customer and a loyal customer! If only they had a sticker to put on my fire helmet or a T-shirt... I’d definitely rep the brand!

Awesome product

I am a Police officer and a volunteer firefighter. Last weekend i worked 8 hours a day outside in the 90+ degree temps for two days and then had a structure fire Sunday night i was severely dehydrated come Monday morning even after drinking several bottles of water throughout both days. One Banana bag drink Monday morning and i was back to 90% another one Tuesday and i was at 110%. The taste isn't bad just use as little water as recommended and chug it. Its worth the taste. Thanks for the great product.

Finally found a solution

It took me a long time after many failed attempts, to find a safe product that works completely for my needs: hydration and energy. Best source of vitamin intake I’ve ever had, and I don’t use the word “ever” lightly.

All the benefit, none of the junk.

I chose Banana Bag based on an article I’d read comparing popular rehydration drinks like Pedialite and Gatorade. There were newer and better options out there but they all were much higher in sugar than I wanted. I ordered Banana Bag based on its low sugar content and I’m very pleased. I’m not left with a sickeningly sweet taste in my mouth. It’s simple and refreshing and it works!!

Did not meet expectations

I drank my first banana bag + water when I was recovering from a cold. I was feeling tired, dehydrated and had brain fog, but unfortunately I did not notice any difference, even in energy, after drinking it.

great product!

Banana Bag Oral Solution Subscription Service

This stuff works!

Just found this product. I've used it several times after bike riding in the Arizona summer heat. It is a life saver!
Highly recommend. Add a little Mio to it for best flavor!

Awesome Remedy

Worked wonders for my brother! Thank you very much🤗.

Banana Bag My Life

I originally bought these for my husband who works outside in the Texas heat, but I’m
the one that ended up falling in love with them. I drink one each morning and feel like a million bucks. The taste isn’t amazing but it isn’t bad and well worth it!

Best for heat related emergencies

I was referred to banana bag from a medic friend. I am also a medic and in the same industry as my medic friend. I plan on using the banana bag for heat related emergencies and on as needed basis ad I am a one person. Thank you for this product.

4 bc of marketing to drinkers

To only be used when necessary. Started Keto again. Definitely replaced things I missed over a 48 hr period. It is very easy to dehydrate on Keto. Banana Bag bounces me back. But it’s for serious dehydration. That’s the only way you know it works. I think a “heavy night of drinking” only need half serving. Severe dehydration; whole serving. This doesn’t mean raise price. People have been fighting hangovers for years with water. Your product expedites the process. Long story short. Extremely versatile product. As long as the price stay reasonable. It’s a winner.

Hard to drink

I wasn't a fan of the taste. I had a hard time getting it down.

Wonderful Vitamins

We love the Banana bags simple for the energy and so needed vitamins that the body loves , not because of drunkenness or hang overs.
Thank you for a great product
Bless you and yours
Carola TX

4th order

This is fantastic not just when you over indulge but when traveling feeling rundown or if you're fighting a cold or flu...and the best part no needles

so amazing!!!

The customer service team was so nice with me & I'm so grateful to have tried banana bags, they taste good when you mix with gatorade and I feel so much better! I have migraines, a fainting disorder & fibromyalgia and could definitely tell the difference in my health and how it made me feel better!! Definitely recommend 10/10

The item works super well but my only complaint is it should taste better