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Banana bag

These little banana bags pack a healthy punch. I take them before or after my workout, it helps replenish my electrolytes and gives me a nice boost. Being in the fire service these help after a long days/nights work.


I bought the Banana Bags because I was feeling extremely dehydrated. I drank a whole bottle of Pedialite one evening with no improvement. After 3 days/doses of these I was feeling WAY better! I ordered 30 the second time!

Hangover and dehydration

I ordered this to try and help with hangovers. I’ve only had one since I ordered a few weeks ago. I used it and it was 95% relief vs Gatorade, Pedialyte..etc. Today I was especially dehydrated from taking a pill for excess fluid and like a dummy I got out in the heat to break up my front porch that needed repaired with a sledgehammer. After an hour or so of hard work I got dizzy, with a headache and fatigue. I went straight for the Banana Bag. I mixed it and chugged it down. Honestly within 2 minutes I felt way better. 5-10 minutes later it was like nothing ever happened. This is a great product!

Life Saver!

This is the most legit vitamin and electrolyte product I've come across. I am constantly traveling through strange third world places where dehydration and fatigue happen almost every day and this product fixes all of that! I WILL NOT leave home without these from now on. Tastes good to me and enables me to enjoy my travels to the fullest!!

Really like the banana bag product, makes you feel good minutes after drinking it.

AMAZing product

I played in a three day tennis tournament this weekend d with a heat index over 110 this product helped me so much. I had to play at 2pm and 6pm on Saturday without Bamana Bag I would have never recovered enough to play second game! I even drank it the next day to just recover faster. Love love the product just ordered another package five minutes ago!!!

Feeling great

This helped all lot to replenish fluids when I had the flu.

Not bad!

I ordered a sample pack, and I was pleased. They don’t taste the best, but I didn’t expect them to. I will be ordering more. :)

Life Changing!

I first bought this as a hangover cure but now use it frequently to feel around better and more hydrated. I feel more focused and generally sharper when I take a packet. At first I would admit I thought it tasted like shit but have come to like the taste just because I know how much better I’ll feel almost immediately. Lifelong customer here! Thank you

Body responds well, despite the taste

Gets the intended job done. Taste isn't pleasant, but isn't so bad that you can't get it down.

Best thing ever

Couldn’t live without it!!!!! Nothing else can compare to the way this product delivers nutrients to your body and mind...

Bad taste

I couldn’t get over the bad taste to see if it actually works

A product that actually works

I work in the heat all day and loose a lot of fluids. I have tried a lot of the rehydration products and this is the best. It works so well I have let 8 other people try it and they all love it as well. Thank you for making a good product that actually works. I love that you offer the subscription as well as a one time purchase as well. That's one less thing I have to worry about ordering. Also the price per serving is cheaper than pedialyte(works better too). Cant say enough good things about this. My friend who works in construction was telling about how he was cramping up at the end of each work day I sent him home with one bag knowing it would help but didn't think he would be able to drink it because he's never taken viatimins(love that there's no unnecessary additives or flavorings)the next day after work he came over and asked for and now he takes it every day.

If you can keep it down it works great. Taste offal


Working 60 hours a week leaves me wiped out... banana bag gives me renewed energy and hydration. Refreshed!

Well hell yeah!

I'm super skeptic of everything, but it really does work. Felt better in minutes.

Works great!

It’s worth the bad taste because it works really well.

Got to go through adversity to reach your goals!

Being a habitual nuun user I anticipated a similar product in banana bag that both pleased the palette and achieved my hydration goals...I was mistaken in both areas. The taste was not what I was expecting and needed to dig deep to finish my first glass. Once I knew what I was getting into it got easier and easier to consume. Regarding hydration...far exceeded my expectations. We competed in HTC 2019 and experienced some difficult legs in high heat and felt substantially better after our legs compared to using nuun or other hydration products. Overall, I take one star off due to the taste. Great product and I will be purchasing again.

Life change

I have been using this for 4 or 5 months now. I HAVE to have this. Gives me the energy that I need throughout the day, mental clarity. This has changed my well being dramatically, I mean dramatically. Thank you banana bag.

Didn’t work for me.

Outstanding product and customer service to back it up.

I was introduced to this product last year from our team leader. Since then I have been using this product to help stay hydrated in extreme heat when we need to be at peak performance. I also use this with my employees in a very hot steel shop. This product works and speaks for itself. With an owner who truly stands behind the product. Customer for life . Thank you, Eric

Banana Bag Oral Solution

Concerned Dad

We bought it to help keep my kid from cramping at the Viera High football games. It works!!


After using Banana Bag, I felt amazing . Thank you for the vitamin boost. I was worried about the taste bc if other reviews, but it was like a watered down Gatorade with some salt. Suck. It. Up. It’s amazing.

Great for Production

I provide Banana Bag oral solution to the hardworking production crew members who forget to stay hydrated.