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Nurse approved!

As a nurse I work a crazy schedule and life is hectic. Working night shift and maintaining a functioning life on the home front is exhausting. I have seen how patients respond to receiving a banana bag during treatment and I know the benefits of vitamins. I decided to try this product and I couldn’t be happier. I felt more energetic and more focused. I have shared with my co-workers and I know a few have placed orders of their own. It’s nice to find a product worth standing behind!

Oh wow

Sometimes I have to cut the yard in the heat (101 heat factor). I get drained and fall in the bed and feel bad for day or so. Worked outside, got really hot, stopped at 11AM, took a banana bag and worked 10.5 hrs in yard. Did NOT even lay down, kept going and felt just fine and fine the next day. I'm WAY over 65! :-) The taste isn't as bad as some say...tastes like vitamins.

Post-hike dream!

I received my order or Banana Bag Oral Solution the day after a brutal 20 mile backpacking trip. My muscles were destroyed and in spite of drinking several liters of water I was still quite dehydrated. I had one bag the morning of the 2nd day post- hike and where my legs were so sore I could barely walk down stairs on Monday, after drinking this solution I noticed significant improvement in my muscle pain. I was also feeling more energized. The taste isn't awesome, but its not as bad as some other reviewers made it out to be. Just tastes like vitamins. Thanks for repairing my legs. I look forward to packing this on my next backpacking trip to help with rehydration.

Really works!

So I bought some. Tried two over the past four days. The flavor, light salt, definitely B vitamin, a bit citric slightly and I mean slightly sweet. About 30-40 after taking it you really get a pick up. Lasts for hours. Happy with the results. A definite take out to the desert on the dirt bike. If you don't like the taste of B are out of luck. I don't mind. I also don't do sugary drinks so this isn't an issue for me. Some of the complaints I think are due to the lack of the nasty sugar flavor. I also do very limited caffeine so I see the pick up from this. If you're drinking 4 monsters a day you have far more things to worry about.

Banana bag trial

So far so good

Who says it tastes bad?

I received your introductory 5 pack and after drinking one, giving away two and hoarding three I ordered your 30 day subscription. That scenario speaks volumes about your product and my belief in Banana Bag. By the got a bum rap when someone said it tasted sour...It's not soda pop...but it's not medicine either.

Great for hangovers!

I’ve been trying many different supplements to combat the next day effects of alcohol. This has been a great way to stay hydrated and prevent the next Day negative effects.

Love, love, love!!!

Took this product to Barbados on vacation and it works amazing. I wanted to ensure I was hydrated during vacation and needed something on those days where I may have had too much sun or drink. Thank you so much.

Vitamin aftertaste

It doesn’t taste great, but it was bearable. I just didn’t care for the aftertaste. The aftertaste lasted a long time, and it made me feel a bit sick. This product just wasn’t for me, but, hopefully, it will help others!

Really great product!

I was never skeptical about the banana bag simply because of all the amazing reviews I had read. I am only hoping my 5 star review continues to validate this amazing product. I live a hectic lifestyle whether it’s my job in an ICU or my hectic life outside my career. Banana bags allowed me to function and perform at high quality level when I needed too. Highly recommend :):)

Truly a Lifesaver!

I can get hungover looking at alcohol let alone when I drink it. Labor day weekend turned out to be such a beautiful day that I ended up enjoying a few more drinks out by the pool in the hot sun than I intended to. Thanks to banana bag oral solution I woke up the next morning feeling amazing! No hangover, no headache, no nausea and plenty of energy! Truly amazing product!

Helps rehydrate when working in the Florida sun

I work outside everyday in Florida on the beaches by Saint Petersburg. Drink about 1.5 gallons of water by 5pm. I could feel the fog in my brain and the weakness in my body. Found banana bag on Facebook and gave it a try. Really helped bring me back to focus.

Best solution for Chronic Dehydration

I have low blood pressure and and Type 1 diabetes banana bag is a life saver for me. It corrects dehydration and raises my blood pressure quickly and safely without raising my blood sugar!


I am honestly surprised at how fast and effective the solution is! Very happy with the product and will be ordering more soon!

Banana Bag Oral Solution

Amazing results

I couldn’t believe the positive effects after being dehydrated and it’s also a great pick me up after a night of fun!


It's a great suppliment and it does help me with my POTS. Unfortunately I cannot afford to continue using it due to outright cost and additional shipping price to Australia.

It’s a lifesaver/game changer/our rescue!!!

We love banana bag!!
It’s been a lifesaver/game changer for my daughter, who was diagnosed with POTS. When she feels like she is getting dehydrated, she drinks a banana bag and this has seemed to really help RESCUE her. She is off to college now and has a supply at school. She keeps a packet with her always, just in case. I am so glad that this product has helped her. My daughter even likes the taste.
Thank you Brian!!!

Game changer!!

I have a form of dysautonomia and Banana Bag makes the difference between a good day and a bad. My electrocardiogist was so impressed by it that he recommends it for his other patients.

This Really Works!

I am an avid motorcyclist who loves to often ride 250-500 miles in a day.It has been so incredibly hot with high humidity here in New England this summer I decided to give the Banana Bags a try to help stay hydrated and focused while riding. I started with 1/2 a bag and was impressed at how well I felt. I have since done a full bag on a few occasions and I must say I have felt focused, increased energy and well being and because Vitamin B's also help with nerve function and stress it is a relaxed energy which has helped me to sleep better at night. I also drank a full bag when I went to the beach one day(It was 92 with very high humidity) and I did not get that lightheaded off balance feeling I sometimes get when spending a lot of time outside in the heat. I have been an RN for over 23 years and would highly recommend these. I will continue to use these as necessary! Thanks for such a great product!

Hangover Dream cure

Closest thing i have found that will Alleviate the symptoms from alcohol dehydration aka hangover! Lol

Banana Bag Oral Solution

Yellow drink

It helps my symptomes, and i Get hydrared.
The taste is not that good, but i keep drinking ‘cause it helps me.


It worked better than I thought it would. It gave me energy without making me feel jittery. I work hard and play hard and now this will be my pick me up. Thank you.

Must have for anyone with POTS

Banana bags have helped improve the symptoms I experience from POTS. Drinking one packet at least 3 times a week, I have noticed a dramatic increase in my energy level and I have fewer episodes of feeling as if I’m blacking out. It took a bit to get use to the taste, but now I don’t mind it, at all.