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We love Banana Bag

My daughter and I both have POTS. Banana Bag has been the best electrolyte replacement that we have found. It helps SOOO much! Thank you!

Banana Bag miracle

I have SLE & primary Addison’s Disease and the Banana Bag, along with my emergency injection has saved me several trips to the ER!

Hydration heaven

I have a very difficult time hydrating my body, no matter how much water I drank. This lead to a great deal of physical problems: fatigue, nausea, light headless. Banana bag has helped me to manage these physical ailments. Helping me to get my life back. Thank you

Amazing product :)

I’m lucky that a product like this has come in to the market. I suffer from multiple autoimmune disorders and this gives me “ pick me up “I need during the day. I don’t mind the flavor at all, actually I kind a like it and it’s also gives me vitamins that keep me healthy

My son, POTS & Dysautonomia

I am so grateful for this product! You have changed our lives & my son’s qaulity of life! Thank you for listening to God & making this product. God Bless.
Tiffany Stinson
Red Oak, TX

Great Product!

I have dysautonomia and struggle with orthostatic hypotension. I also have gastroparesis and cannot get enough nutrients. The banana bag product has given me an alternative to weekly IV treatments that I cannot afford even with insurance. The monthly deliveries arrive on time and make the product more affordable. It is easy on my stomach, and I don’t mind the taste because I know I will feel a little boost after drinking it. Thanks for providing a product that works!

Working Wonders!

I have POTS and the Banana Bag has helped me feel better and get back into a normal Daily routine. I can tell if I don’t drink it for a few days THANK YOU!

Nasty Taste!

Didnt seem to do much physically. Tasted so bad that I don’t think I could have used it even if did work. Sorry for the bad review, but that’s my opinion.

Works Wonders!

As a POTS/Ehler's Danlos Syndrome sufferer, this product has radically improved my health. It boosts energy and provides the essential hydration that my body lacks. Also, banana bags are free from artificial sweeteners! That means guilt-free hydration.

stomach cramp whole day

Did not work for my daughter who got stomach cramp after taking the solution.
The taste was not good. And, once she consumed, her throat feels dry. I had high hope on the product so very disappointed. Is there possibly a refund? We used one packet out of the 5 we purchased.

Hi Lisa, sorry the banana bag did not agree with her. We'd be happy to refund your purchase. Thanks for giving it a shot.

Like several other reviewers, I have POTS and need electroytes. I like the way I feel after consuming it, and I love that Banana Bag doesn't have sugar or sweeteners.


While I cannot relate to all these chronic illness reviews.... I can say that I work for a travel company and I fly a lot, surf a lot, and drink lots of beer! These banana bag packets are life saving for me. I don't leave home without them and tell everyone who travels to buy some. Totally worth the money. Stoked!

This POTsie approves!!

I have been looking for an electrolyte replacement drink that tastes good and is all natural, particularly without artificial sweeteners, and Banana Bag fits the bill! It is my go to drink when my blood pressure is low or my heart rate is too fast. I love that it also has vitamins in it to help with energy. I highly recommend Banana Bag to other POTs patients, both as a patient and a nurse practitioner. Thank you for a quality product!!

Initial try considerable difference!

Upon opening the package at the end of the day to look inside. I decided to go ahead and test your product. Amazingly the nagging headache, I had all day disappeared. As time passed tension was also diminished significantly. Since then, I am very proactive to drink one a day. This product has been very beneficial to me. Thank you, Lori RN

Great Poduct For Multiple Use

This product goes above and beyond. I’ve only recently bought it but have found it to be a helpful remedy for varying health issues. It helped my younger brother rebound from a bad cold as well as my mother. They both cited the difference they felt after having the banana bag. Personally it’s a great product for anyone looking to get a solid vitamin boost. Only tip - drink mixed with cold water.

Love BBD!

I have dysautonomia and have struggled with staying hydrated. Since drinking a daily Banana Bag Drink, I have less dysautonomia symptoms and less migraines (which I feel are related to dehydration). If I don’t have my BBD daily, I can tell a difference in my heart rate and energy levels. Thank you for helping me in my daily struggle to feel normal again!


work better than other hydration packs I've tried

We love Banana Bag!!

We call Banana Bag our “Emergency Drink” for POTS. If we (2 of my children and I) are feeing really POTSie, drinking one of these gives us almost a reset, restoring our electrolyte balance and helping with brain fog as well as other physical symptoms. We love Banana Bag!

Plain and Simple: It Works!

I ordered the Banana Bag Drinks for my daughter who suffers from POTS. As a young mother, she doesn't have the "luxury" of entire days down due to her illness. She immediately noticed a burst of energy from the drinks, and her energy level continues to increase. And that, of course, gives her more strength to fight through those awful down days - which now seem to be coming less frequently.

Others in my family have used it, too, after workouts and even after a night of one too many toasts. Great results! It doesn't taste awesome, but it's worth it.

It's amazing how something so simple can be so effective!


Perfect. Helps almost immediately!!

Dysautonomia Gold Mine

My 17 year old daughter has dysautonomia. Her bad days are filled with exhaustion, headaches, and many other symptoms. The first time she tried a Banana Bag, her headache went away before half was gone. Anytime she plans to leave the house, she drinks a Banana Bag and feels so much better than before. I have seen such a big difference that I have given brochures to her doctors and several friends with multiple symptoms. My daughter has tried several electrolyte products, but none have compared to Banana Bag. She puts hers in 16 ounces of Lemon Like Gatorade. She especially likes this latest batch, from March 2018. We decided to subscribe for 30 a month, so she can have one daily.
I highly recommend this product for anyone with dysautonomia.

Awesome Product

I love that my doctor is happy with my results and I'm not adding unnecessary dyes and sugars. Thanks so much!

Incredibly Helpful

I have a primary immunodeficiency, EDS, and POTS. Banana Bag has helped me stay hydrated and keep my vitamin levels up when I'm feeling down. It's been so helpful to have something easily accessible to count on when I am having a terrible day and don't want to go to the trouble of getting IV fluids.

Game Changer

If you have POTS, this is a game changer (life saver). In my situation a Banana Bag a day keeps the pharmaceuticals away. I know any POTSie can relate when I say it is literally impossible to consume the amount of electrolytes needed in a day to keep my symptoms in check. I just can’t eat/drink enough. I was on the verge of needing to start down the medication path when I discovered this product and it completely changed everything. Less fatigue, less brain fog, less dizziness, less blood pooling, less leg cramps, less headaches, less forgetfulness... pretty much less every symptom related to POTS. What my Cardiologist is most happy with, seeing the numbers change. My resting heart rate has gone from between 95-105 down to 60-70 as it should be. Standing for just seconds my HR would shoot up above 120. Now it shoots up around 105-110. (Obviously it still spikes more after a bit of standing, just the nature of the syndrome.) I see and FEEL a HUGE difference and I can’t wait for this product to be used in POTS research/studies rather than (or in conjunction with for the more severe cases) all of the major heart medications none of us want to be on.

It works.

I have ehlers-danlos syndrome, and maintaining hydration is difficult. I did notice a tangible improvement during the 5 days I used this product. No more dehydration headaches, joint pain was reduced, and no more chronic constipation. I often get the dumbs as I call it, and being more appropriately hydrated returned mental clarity. After 5 days drinking it and now being off of it for a week it's very obvious how much this product helped. This didn't mean I stopped drinking a gallon of water a day, but as a supplement it made a difference. However, the flavor is quite bitter and awful. I added a crystal light packet to make it more palatable. Flavor aside, it's worth the benefits.

Banana Bag for ME/CFS

Found out about this product from people I know with ME/CFS. I found it to be very beneficial. I will recommend this product to many of my friends.

Helps my POTS a lot

Help with my POTS it’s amazing. I mix it with my propel and it tastes good that way! Now I crave it. Not nearly as dehydrated as normal.


I could not travel and push the limits without Banana Bags !!!!!!
Thank you !!

Hands down the best product

This is, hands down, the best product I have ever come across to battle dehydration! It is the only thing I recommend to my patient’s, especially my endurance and heavy-training athletes, first responders, those that suffer from dysautonomia, and truly any person that has to be outdoors in our incredibly hot summers! If you area looking for a better hydration option, stop your search now, you have found it! For me personally, as a cardiac patient, I rely on a properly balanced supplement to allow me to remain functional, and to recover from exercise, especially in the heat. Prior to finding Banana Bag, I went from being an outdoorsy person that particularly enjoyed hiking and rock climbing, to becoming side-lined by symptoms that forced me indoors all summer long. It was such a disappointing time! With this product, I can remain active no matter the weather. When I am having dysautonomia symptoms, Banana Bag is amazing at regulating my imbalance and returning me to baseline. This was also one of the only things that helped me bounce back faster following an episode. I tried other products when it was out of stock and found them incredibly inferior. I'm so grateful to have found this product and will continue to always recommend it to my patients, family, and friends.

Life saver for migraines

I bought this on a whim after seeing a Facebook ad.
It has stopped an oncoming migraine twice, and for me, that is worth its weight in gold!
Thank you for creating this!!

Does It Really Work?

I’m so tired of wasting money on health products that, after closer inspection, contain unhealthy ingredients and/or do not deliver as advertised. I could just scream. So, I was cautiously optimistic as I placed my first Banana Bag order, but my husband had reviewed the ingredients list and gave me a thumbs-up. Imagine my surprise! This product really works. After taking my first packet (as directed) it knocked out a 36 hour headache in 1 hour. Taste is better than some reviews lead you to believe. Two other family members also tried the Banana Bag Drink to rehydrate and recover energy. I firmly believe that the mixture in water allows for greater absorption vs taking a pill in capsule or tablet form. I also appreciate that your formula isn’t loaded down with caffeine or sugar (aka “the other white powder”). We all agreed to be brutally honest in our evaluations and I’m excited to tell you that it worked for them too. We’re all reordering now because we don’t want to be placed on another waiting list ... word of mouth is going to cause the Banana Bag Drink to fly off the shelf. I, for one, will be adding this to my nutritional supplement regimen. Well done, Dr. Dery. Signed, Retired Trauma Surgeon’s Wife

Great product for our POTS child

This saves us a trip to the ER for fluids, as my daughter dehydrates easily.

Great for Multiple Sclerosis

I’ve had MS for 13 years and this is a great product !

Excellent product

My daughter has POTS and she drinks these once or twice a day. They really help. I’m very active and I drink the banana bag also to help with rehydration. A great product. We’ve even gottten used to the taste.

Stomach Flu approved!

So I got this because I have some health issues that cause low electrolytes and fluid levels. But my 17yo came down with a stomach bug and I didn't have any Gatorade or anything on hand. Two of these got him well enough that I wasn't worried about having to take him in AND he keep it down (I doubt that would have been the case with other liquids!).

Life saver

This product is literally a life saver for me and my family, friends and patients. Just this flu season many of my friends and patients needed hydration or a trip to the hospital. I ran a few packets to each and avoided an all day hospital affair for them. Even though I hydrate a lot I often need that extra umph from electrolytes and vitamins to keep strong energy levels as I recover from radiation treatments 2 years ago. 5 stars isn't enough! I give it 10 **********.

Best for POTS!

My daughter has suffered from POTS symptoms (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome) for 3 years now. Aside from taking prescription medications that may or may not work, there's not a lot doctors can do. She was being rushed to the ER a couple times every week with severe dehydration (not for lack of drinking water, it's part of POTS) and unable to stand or sit up on her own. I discovered Banana Bag Oral Solution 11 months ago, and she has not been to the ER ONE TIME since then!!! When she starts to feel her symptoms, she mixes one up and drinks it, and she's able to function (almost) normally! When she has a sudden horrible episode, it helps her feel somewhat better, and with rest she'll be back to normal within a couple of hours. Before, it would take no less than 24 hours and a hospital visit for an IV. There's nothing better out there!!

Just Buy It!

I heard about the oral solutions from a group I'm in for my EDS and POTS. I cannot recommend this product enough. It's pricey but it has made me feel more "normal" than I've felt in years! It's been an absolute game changer for me. With my pots, I have fainted daily for over a year. This doesn't stop it completely but it helps better than any prescription meds I've tried! Plus, my energy level has been 5x's what it normally is. I'm hooked!

miracle worker

I have POTS (postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome). Banana Bag is definitely the best thing I've found to help when I'm feeling potsy. In addition, I'm prone to getting awful hangovers, and this is the by far best hangover cure I've tried.


These work wonderfully! I love them!!

Very good for hydration

I did have to mix with a little juice as the flavor is not bad but more like a watered down lemonade. It definitely helps with hydration. I suffer from a chronic illness that causes dehydration and it has lessened my going in to get fluids. Great idea, great product highly recommend

POTS help

Struggling with POTS and CFS
This product gave me energy and helped with my orthostatic hypotension! Loved it

You saved me a trip to ER for fluids!

I have POTS, and had the stomach flu. After a near syncope episode at work, I was sent home. I was able to drink the Banana Bag powder in 16oz of water. I’m feeling much better in a short time! Thank you for your AMAZING product!
Kristin W.

This product is great!

I came across an ad for this. My son has short bowel syndrone and always looking for ways to keep his viamin levels and hydration up. I add one packet every other night to a liter of fluid(4/5 lactated ringers and 1/5 formula) which he gets enterally. He was on TPN until a year ago. With this we have so far managed to keep him off TPN.


Good product. When can I order more


Bought this hoping it would taste better than another product I had tried. It wasn’t really better. Still hard to drink. I tried it on a day when I had a stomach bug and had been vomiting all morning. It didn’t sit easily. Felt like I had a belly full of vitamins. To be fair nothing was sitting easily and I hadn’t been able to keep food down. But it seemed plain water might have been a better choice.


Banana Bag Oral Solution


Excellent product and excellent customer service!! Thanks Banana Bag for helping me get back to normal on days that I can barely lift my head


I saw this in an ad on Instagram and figured I'd give it a try. I usually buy Pedialyte to counteract the side effects of medication I take for an autoimmune disease. Muscle cramps/spasms, stomach issues, headache. I just tried it this morning because I was feeling rundown and had a headache. I can't believe how much this has helped. It gave me a boost of energy and my head feels a lot better. I'm so glad I found this product. I'll definitely be recommending this to my friends and family