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I can't recommend this stuff enough!!! It's really the only thing that helps the morning after having one too many drinks (trust me, I've tried almost every hangover remedy out there). It got my whole family through a week-long cruise with the unlimited drink package. I also drink them occasionally during the week because we could all be better about hydrating. I honestly don't mind that it's not sweet because IT WORKS! THANK YOU BANANA BAG!


The Banana bag is so easy to take and a whole lot better than going to the ER. It does work fast I do them 3 times aweek it works so well that it put all the vitamins and minerals back very fast love it

Great stuff

This product works. I dont understand the complaints about the taste, I find it rather mild. It doesnt taste like a sports drink, but its not full of sugars (fake or otherwise) so I see that a huge plus. The taste is not remotely off putting to me.

Everything I needed

I bought these as a Christmas present then got sick myself. Banana bag solution was a life savior. Taste isn’t great but I mixed it with 8 ounces of water in order to drink less solution. Will buy again when needed!


I'm on my 5th re-order. I don't travel without it.

Awesome product!

Can't get past the taste

I got this for my daughter who is diagnosed with CRPS and POTS...Unfortunately, she cannot drink them because of the taste. Any idea if anything can be add to it to improve it?

Hi Oscar, yes... here are some options I've heard from others. - cold water - orange juice (although I think this is to much sugar, but people still say it works amazing) - lemon drops - tangerine drops - smoothies - teas - a dash of stevia has helped - using a straw (bypasses most of the tastes buds on the tongue)... - some have even used watered down sports drinks such as Propel (zero sugars). Hope this helps. Some Facebook groups for POTS would be a great place to ask as well. I say try really cold water and a straw, first. Thanks for giving it a shot. BBOS
2 thumbs up

I was turned on to this by my cousin a firefighter in Sylvania, Ohio who uses it to help hydrate his guys while working in wicked heat. I have a lot of my friends here in Va Beach including guys on SEAL teams 4 and 10 out of little creek using them for both post PT hydration and to be honest, hangover relief. (my main reason) My best friend is a firefighter in Gwinnett Ga. and he is now using them at his station with fellow fire fighters. I dont think I need to say anything more concerning a review.

Sunday funday recovery

Unfortunately our household likes to overdo day drinking on Sundays. So banana bags have become a staple on our Monday morning routine. They help tremendously and we are always stocked! Sometimes we'll drink one just to boost our system even if it's not due to drinking. Love this product

Love it!

People complain about the taste but it’s honestly not bad. A tad salty but I can’t complain considering it’s giving me all the hydration I need when I’m working long shifts! Customer for life!!

I waitress long hours and was always feeling dehydrated this product is amazing!

Banana Bag Oral Solution Subscription Service

Banana Bag is a lifesaver for me! I drink it everyday before starting my day!

Loooove this product.

I got these to help with dehydration after long nights . I’ve tried all sorts of products and have had to resort to getting an IV several times. This is the first thing I’ve found that makes a noticeable difference in how I feel after taking them. My boyfriend and I take them often! The flavor is a little rough but I’ve started mixing them with orange juice or other juice of some sort and it helps a lot. I recommend these to everyone!

It WORKS!,, Taste and smell- ugh.

Like many others have posted I have several medical issues. I will be 70 in Feb. 2019. On my Acupuncturist’s (a former ICU RN) recommendation I tried the Banana Bags. The results are positive in a host of ways. I’ll never want to be without them. Great when preparing to fly for hours, too! My husband and I are sold on all they do to help me (and him.) I detest the taste and smell (reminds me of old fashioned liquid infant vitamins...eeeeuuu!)! I always mix in a bottle of water that I toss, because the smell permeates the plastic. I must restrict intake of all sugars so I add a squirt of liquid Stevia. For us, that helps. We’ll both drink it no matter what because of the host of ways it helps us. We’d be taking steps backwards in our health status if we stopped.

I have more energy and feel better after taking it for two months. I gave my son some packets and suggested that he try it too

love it

Love it so much- we are ordering more!

Love Banana bags

Love Banana and my wife have one daily now.

Banana Bag PO

Great Product!


This is my second order. I can’t live without it.


I suffer from Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, which often leaves me bed ridden and depleted. I use Banana Bag to help me maintain my energy levels when I go out or have to complete tasks and chores; I also take it as a recovery aid. IT WORKS PEOPLE!
This product has completely changed my ability to complete multiple tasks in a day, and helps me recover from fatigue symptoms quickly. I love love LOVE banana bag. I carry a sachet in my purse everywhere!
I cant recommend these electrolytes enough, give them a go.

Excellent Product

Felt a noticeable difference in energy drinking this after a long night.
So did other people in my group. Will definitely use again.

Banana Bag Oral Solution

Banaba bag

I love these. Please me info to re order and greater quantities

Very helpful with hydration

Would recommend this to friends