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My patients are loving the results!

Thank you for a great product!

I'm so happy I found this

This product has literally changed my life. I don't mind the flavor at all and even find myself craving it. Being pregnant and having HG with two kids under 5 is hard and this literally keeps me out of the hospital. My OB even thought it was a great product. Thank you Banana Bag Solutions!

Definitely worth it!

I have been struggling with fatigue and POTS-like spells. Banana Bag has came to my rescue so many times! It really helps offset symptoms. My husband works outside everyday and has really liked having these to combat the heat and dehydration. I've been telling all my friends and family about these. Highly recommend!

Banana Bags are the best!!!

These bags are literally lifesavers. After a night of drinking or just simply trying to get hydrated these bags are my go-tos! I don't travel anywhere without them!! Highly recommend!


Banana Bag Oral Solution (BBOS)

Banana bag

This stuff is amazing!!! Whenever I feel sluggish or need I drink one of these and it brings me back to life!


Banana Bag Oral Solution (BBOS) Subscription Service


great product, easy to carry around, worth the few dollars. definitely order more in the future.

Mason taylor

I was ok with the flavor and added some lemonade mix to itbut I got it for my daughter who has pots/eds and is super sensitive about taste was not thrilled ... tasted a lot like drinking a vitamin she prefers water over anything to drink and it would be great if there was a way to make a flavorless banana bag but that is probably pretty tough. I think over all it has helped a little and gives us another option for vitamins/electrolyte

Effective, but hard to swallow

While the Banana Bag oral solution does help with my POTS, I do not care for the taste. Another great thing about Banana Bag also has lower sugar than competitors, which is great for us type 1 diabetics, but it seems to still to spike my blood sugar higher than I’d expect for the amount of carbohydrates.
Pros: very effective, lowest sugar for this type of drink
Cons: unpleasant taste and difficult for me, personally, to dose insulin for.

Life Saver

My daughter has a condition on which she must drink 3L of electrolytes daily. The Banana Bag Solution is the start of her day, everyday. Couldn’t be happier with how well it works.

Good stuff!

We always share the “bags” - you have lots of new customers every time we do!


I have suffered from fibro/ME for 30 years with very little help til I started drinking this product. I used to end up in the ER for IV's but now I drink this when in a flare and it helps with the duration without going to the ER where they stopped giving IV's. My cardiologist said this is as good as an IV. It isn't a cure but it certainly helps.

Banana Bag Oral Solution

I am giving three stars because we can not attest to how well the product works because the taste is so bad my daughter can't drink it.

Life Saver

The banana bag is AMAZING! I’m certain it has saved me at least a few trips to the ER. I have a chronic rare disease which makes it difficult for me to absorb nutrients and I am constantly dehydrated. I know some people really don’t like the taste, but I don’t mind it at all — and I have definitely had way grosser things in my mouth!

Great stuff

Works very well!

Works Well

Very pleased with Banana Bag. I use it after being at the beach or outside in the NW Florida heat. Quick rehydration, when you need it most.

Cancer patient use

My mother takes half a banana bag almost daily to keep nausea, dizziness and fatigue at bay. She is a cancer patient and has not found anything else that works. Her first day to take it, she woke with a terrible headache and nausea. Normally that means the day is lost and she will be in bed suffering all day. But this time she took half a banana bag in Gatorade and was out of bed within 30 minutes and felt good all day. I recommend trying this as a solution for anyone needing relief from these signs of dehydration. It’s just vitamins, so it does not interfere with her treatments, even clinical trials.

Life Saver

Ever since I’ve been diagnosed with dysautonomia, it has been a real struggle. This product has been a LIFE SAVER. Who know what they say: “A banana bag a day keeps the cardiologist away.” If they are not saying that, they should really start...


Tried these out after a night of heavy drinking. I drank 1. Took an hour nap and it was like i never drank the night before. These work!

Absolutely LOVE the banana bag oral solution!!

I have Dysautonomia, POTS, EDS, Gastroparesis, Mast Cell Actication Disorder and more and before starting the banana bag oral solution I was going for 2 liters of IV infusions two to three times a week for until I found the banana bag oral solution! Once I started them I have not needed to get the IV infusions anymore! They have given me the freedom to travel without having to first find an infusion center where I am going and it’s given me the freedom to work more than a few hours a week because I don’t have to sit with and IV for hours each day! Due to my POTS my blood pressure drops extremely low if I am not over hydrated so staying over hydrated is key to staying out of the ER. I recommend the banana bag oral solution to everyone I meet! Even my doctor is amazed at how much it has helped me and has started recommending it to his other patients! Best stuff ever!!


Banana Bag really helps with our (three of us) POTS symptoms when we don’t feel well.

Mixed Review

We are not pleased with the time in which it took to receive our order, but pleased with the product itself. We've ordered in the past and we're excited because we feel like it has helped our son who has POTS. However, we placed an order (30 pk) on June 4th and received a confirmation six days before we left for a weeks vacation. We payed $6.98 extra for PRIORITY MAIL. We were told after sending a follow would up email that there was none in stock and that we should've seen that when we ordered. Either it wasn't on there at the time, or we didn't see it. When I looked back at the website after hearing this, I did see that it blended in nicely with the other text. (May I suggest RED text to help that kind of important text stand out?) Since we are past customers, we followed our normal steps of ordering without much thought.

Finally, after receiving an email on June 7th that "Our order is on the way!", we ultimately received it on the 13th....6 days later than that, and 9 days after placing our order and paying $6.98 for Priority Mail. I ordered dog food on a separate website 2 days after I placed my order here, chose FREE Standard Shipping and still received it 4 days earlier.

Good product, but very disappointed with everything else in the process. Even after it was back in stock and apparently on the way, it was definitely not worth paying extra for Priority Mail, because it was everything but.

Hi Michael, I went ahead and processed a refund for your shipping cost. It was a bit of a fiasco trying to fill all the back orders when stock was replenished.... not all the packages made it out on time and your's was obviously one of them. So sorry about that!
Migraine & GI relief

My son suffers an autonomic dysfunction,which causes frequent stomach problems and migraines (amongst other issues.) I requested and received the samples and a banana bag has been hid first go-to to help with a migraine or after a bad GI day. I firmly believe it has already saved us a trip for IV fluids. Having them on hand means getting the extra fluids and vitamins in his system early. We are now subscribers. Thanks so much for a great product!!!