Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution

Banana Bag Oral Solution

  • 14 essential vitamins and electrolytes formulated to work for your body, not your taste buds.
  • No artificial flavors, no sweeteners, no preservatives, no artificial colors, and no excess sugars. Gluten free. Non-GMO.
  • For ages 14 and older.
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Customer Reviews

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The absolute best electrolyte replacement aid

As a critical care clinician I know how important electrolyte balance is. I often replace people’s electrolytes using the IV version of the banana bag, and I know how well it works when given via that route. To put it lightly, I was more than skeptical about this actually working. However I ordered a large bag and I must say, this stuff is AWESOME. After working 24 hour shifts in the heat and doing everything in my power to stay hydrated, this stuff just works amazingly well. You feel like a million bucks after you take it and it kicks in. I’ve turned on nearly all of my coworkers to it as well, and they all love it. It does need to be said that if your expecting it to taste like some sort of sports drink, your in for a shock. I wasn’t and don’t think it’s bad at all. It is salty but that amount of salt is very equivalent to the sodium content of a 0.9 % Normal Saline 1000ml IV bag. So it’s not bad at all and contributes to the effects. I all in all, I HIGHLY recommend this product both as a user and as a clinician. It does what it says and gives you what you need to survive hard work in the heat, or if you just need to recover from what ever is ailing you. This is also a great electrolyte replacement if your sick and are looking for something to help you feel better. Give it a try you won’t be disappointed!!

Super happy!

This is the best product we have found to keep my husband, who works in the construction industry, hydrated and feeling good during the hot Oklahoma summertime. Very pleased.


Banana Bag Oral Solution

Truly incredible product!!

This product has truly been a lifesaver for both myself and my mother who both suffer from several health problems and often need a boost to keep going with a hectic lifestyle. Banana Bags have been exactly what we both need when we need a boost or when we are feeling very low of energy/dehydrated. We have already recommended them to a family member and will recommend them to everyone in need of them. We will be customers for as long as these are available!

Good stuff

Great product. Great pic me up!