Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution

Banana Bag Oral Solution

$ 15.49 - $ 78.00


Medical Grade Electrolyte & Vitamin Packets (ages 14 and up)

Dissolve the contents of one packet into 8 - 16 ounces of water and drink once daily as needed for dehydration and/or vitamin supplementation.

One single-use packet contains:

  • Sodium: 410 mg
  • Potassium: 120 mg
  • Chloride: 780 mg
  • Dextrose: 3.7 grams
  • Vitamin C: 750 mg
  • Vitamin B-Complex*
  • Mild Organic Lemon-Lime flavor, however, this will not NOT taste sweet in any way.
  • No artificial or non-caloric sweeteners | No preservatives | No dyes | No artificial flavors | No GMOs | No gluten
*Full spectrum, high dose B-Complex with L-Methylfolate and Methylcobalamin


(Orders ship same day if placed before 3 p.m. Eastern Time)


Customer Reviews

Based on 991 reviews
Deborah Sealey (Lumberton, US)
Banana bag

Drank when had covid. Gave son couple during his GI bug. Helped us Keep hydrated & great to have the vitamins & minerals

Jacqueline Amorelli (Queens, US)
I wanted to like this…

I have tried Banana Bag Oral Solution over and over with more water or less water but I find it hard to drink due to the flavor. I really dislike the flavor. I will be trying it my smoothies soon just so that I can drink it. I love all the ingredients in it but unfortunately the taste of it makes it very hard for me to drink.

Brittany Smith (Riverside, US)
It’s a No From Me

I have POTS and had high hopes for banana bag. I was glad to see something without sugar. But the taste was terrible. It tasted like I was sucking on uncoated vitamins dipped in lemon juice. Unfortunately it also didn’t do much to help with my blood pressure and other symptoms. I did get a burst of energy (assuming from the B vitamins) but for me that meant a worse crash the following day. May be good if someone is vitamin b deficient and is okay with bad taste. Giving it two stars for the energy boost.

Patricia Miller (Auburn, US)
Great Stuff

My son mixes one daily. It truly is keeping him see he is an alcoholic. This solution replenishes what the toxin takes away. Highly recommend

Kim (Washington, US)
Game changing hydration!!

This stuff is a lifesaver. Sugary drinks like Gatorade always made me feel sick and I didn’t feel like they were doing anything. I discovered Banana Bag when we were living in South Texas, and I was working in territory sales. That means I was getting in and out of a hot car all day long in 105°-115° sweltering sun.

Not only did it help stabilize me during those hot days, I’ve found it to be a lifesaver if taken before and after big events like bachelorette parties where I’ll be drinking alcohol.

It’s also become a staple for skiing in Colorado, where the altitude & dry air always dehydrate me.

Thanks for inventing this— for those of us with a fear of needles, even a recreational/Vegas IV is out of the question! This stuff is just as good and less invasive!

Orion Casper (Dallas, US)
Hydration at it's BEST!

Banana Bag Oral Solution is amazing and I’m enjoying the boost it gives me daily. Thank you for making a product for of those us who like to work hard play hard.

Travis Paschich

Provided me the incorrect order and upon request of fixing said order, was promised a replacement which has yet to arrive 12+ days later

Hi Travis,

I'm sorry that you had issues with your experience. I have refunded your order and sent out the correct product. Tracking will be provided to you via email. If there is anything else we can do to improve your experience please contact us at: [email protected]

Jennifer Smith

Nastiest tasting stuff , neither me or my daughter can choke it down .

Dylan Rucker (Houston, US)

Great product

Bettye Bookout (Vernon, US)
This is a lifesaver!!

Work in a very HOT environment, and can tell the difference Banana Bags make the difference!! Hooked on them!!