Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution

Banana Bag Oral Solution

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This POTsie approves!!

I have been looking for an electrolyte replacement drink that tastes good and is all natural, particularly without artificial sweeteners, and Banana Bag fits the bill! It is my go to drink when my blood pressure is low or my heart rate is too fast. I love that it also has vitamins in it to help with energy. I highly recommend Banana Bag to other POTs patients, both as a patient and a nurse practitioner. Thank you for a quality product!!

Initial try considerable difference!

Upon opening the package at the end of the day to look inside. I decided to go ahead and test your product. Amazingly the nagging headache, I had all day disappeared. As time passed tension was also diminished significantly. Since then, I am very proactive to drink one a day. This product has been very beneficial to me. Thank you, Lori RN

Great Poduct For Multiple Use

This product goes above and beyond. I’ve only recently bought it but have found it to be a helpful remedy for varying health issues. It helped my younger brother rebound from a bad cold as well as my mother. They both cited the difference they felt after having the banana bag. Personally it’s a great product for anyone looking to get a solid vitamin boost. Only tip - drink mixed with cold water.

Love BBD!

I have dysautonomia and have struggled with staying hydrated. Since drinking a daily Banana Bag Drink, I have less dysautonomia symptoms and less migraines (which I feel are related to dehydration). If I don’t have my BBD daily, I can tell a difference in my heart rate and energy levels. Thank you for helping me in my daily struggle to feel normal again!


work better than other hydration packs I've tried