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Information for Wholesalers

Information for Wholesalers

  • Sold in display boxes carrying 30 packets per box
  • One display box: $50.85 ($1.695/packet)
  • MSRP: $3.09 - $3.99 per packet
  • Minimum order quantity: 3 boxes
  • Also included is information on the product that you can display for consumer education

Recommended by business owners.

As a wellness center focused on relationships with our patients, we are able to personalize our offerings to fit their needs. With the advent of heightened awareness of the benefits of vitamin injections, the most unserved need is accommodating people’s schedules while fulfilling their desire to feel good and play hard with their active lifestyle. Banana Bag fills the gap and serves the need perfectly and economically. Our patients often start purchasing Banana Bags in our custom and affordable 5 count wraps, and then often end up later buying them by the box as they experience the benefits of convenience and results. We are grateful we get to share and provide a meaningful benefit to our treasured relationships by offering Banana Bag. Thank you to the wonderful people of Banana Bag who have brought this to market for the benefit of humans who run business and care for their clients.

Scott Bushey - Solarius Spa - Albequerque, NM

One powder packet contains

  • 410 mg of sodium
  • 780 mg of chloride
  • 120 mg of potassium
  • High dose B-complex
  • 750 mg of vitamin-C
  • 3.7 grams of dextrose (d-glucose)

For Ages 14 & older

DISCLAIMER: By strictly adhering to World Health Organization dehydration treatment guidelines, the flavor of this product is not sweet. There are no inactive ingredients such as artificial flavors or sweeteners, no unneeded sugars, no stevia, etc... It is a healthy, uncompromising formula of electrolytes and vitamins designed for older teens and adults who desire more than what pediatric electrolyte solutions and sports drinks can offer.

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