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New Website Announcement for Banana Bag Oral Solution

New Website Announcement for Banana Bag Oral Solution

Banana Bag Oral Solution (BBOS) is proud to announce the launch of a new website for customers and wholesalers to begin using immediately. The revamped online presence features an updated look along with more education about the product. Additional user-friendly components include a pages describing benefits of BBOS for medical professionals and a blog that will be used in the future to share stories, resources, and recipes for customers interested in learning about new flavor-filled ways to stay hydrated.

Dr. Brian Dery, Pharmacist and one half of the BBOS ownership team, had this to say about the new website. “I can't believe it's been just over 5 years since we've ‘opened our doors’ on the internet. We’ve been working hard on our new digital storefront during the first part of 2021 and we’re excited to share this with the public. There have been several revisions of our online store throughout the years, but this is definitely my favorite update yet! Thanks to all of our amazing customers and supporters who have been with us since the beginning. We couldn't have done this without you."

In addition to the website update, subscribers to the email list probably noticed an improved newsletter in their inboxes recently. To help get information out about the website and blog, emails are now being sent at least twice each month to subscribers who have opted in. The emails will offer more than just news and recipes. BBOS will also be sending special offers and discounts through emails as well. 

To see the new website and sign up for the email list, please visit