Finally, the emergency room IV formula, now as an oral solution!


Meets current World Health Organization criteria to efficiently transfer water, sodium, and vitamins into the bloodstream via oral ingestion instead of IV. 


Simply pour one packet into 250mL to 500mL of water and stir until dissolved. Your convenient drinkable alternative to the ER IV bag.


One packet contains: Vitamin C, B-Complex (with L-Methylfolate & Methylcobalamin), Sodium, Potassium, Dextrose, & Chloride. Banana Bag Oral Solution contains no artificial sweeteners or excess sugar.

Who would know better than Nurses, Doctors, and Pharmacists?

This product opened the door for me to achieve my optimal wellness. I sing it's praise to anyone who will listen and highly recommend it! Thank you Dr. Dery! You brought ME back.

Marsha Reda, Registered Nurse.

I have had several patients report that the Banana Bag Oral Solution improves symptoms for 24-48 hours following a single dose.  Many have equated it to an intravenous infusion in regards to symptom improvement.  As a physician who frequently treats POTS, IST and syncope, I often recommend Banana Bag Oral Solution to my patients in conjunction with pharmacotherapy.

Suzy Feigofsky, M.D.

In my experience, inebriated patients with severely compromised motor skills, inability to swallow, and/or gastrointestinal issues are intravenous banana bag candidates. However, for the vast majority of others, the Banana Bag Oral Solution should be the first appointment. The innovation of an oral solution makes so much sense for so many patients.

Dr. Eric C. Isenman, M.D.

For any person who has had “one too many”, the extensive vitamin and electrolyte dose in the Banana Bag Oral Solution is a physiological must. Alcohol takes it away: the Banana Bag Oral Solution puts it back. On my pharmacy shelves, other popular hydration products simply lack this critical level of vitamin supplementation. BBOS has been formulated to fill this need.

Dr. David Beauregard, Pharm.D.

It’s nice to find a product worth standing behind!  I have shared with my co-workers and I know a few have placed orders of their own.

Amber Faires, RN.

...also the official recovery fluid of 7CCRT

Banana Bag Oral Solution has been a game-changer for us while preparing for an immediate response as well as when we're responding to Disaster Relief events and/or Search and Rescue operations. BBOS has enabled us to stay focused and operate at a greater effectiveness than if just drinking plain water and goes with us into critical events so we may help others.

Rick Y.

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution ingredients
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution


  • Medical grade hydration & vitamin supplement in unit dose, easily transportable and durable sachets.
  • No artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, no excess sugars, gluten free, and no caffeine.  
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