Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution ingredients
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution

Banana Bag Oral Solution

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    I’ve used this twice now and both times it’s has worked amazingly. Very happy with it and will order more.

    New formula is great!

    I’ve been using Banana Bag for a few years now and just recently finished my previous orders and was able to try the current new formula BananaBag. It’s wonderful! Subtle citrus flavor is an improvement and the packaging is beautiful.
    Sure, I could pickup a sports drink at the grocery store, but I like that BananaBag doesn’t have extra unhelpful ingredients. AND with chronic migraines, many of those other drinks and powders hurt me. I love that I can feel more hydrated and often avoid migraines and also symptoms of POTS by drinking this once a day, or just when I need it.

    Great stuff

    I only trust banana bag for all my hydration needs. Works Everytime!


    first thing in the Morning about 8 ounces of clean water purified, mix in one packet net weight .23 oz, I feel it working replenishing my system in about 20 minutes to 45 minutes I test everything on 12 hour empty system I am satisfied overwhelmed by the Oral solution Banana Bag my skin is Hydrated I feel wonderful Revived , Id been getting IV Banana Bag solution once a week at the Docs 'the Oral solution keeps the needle out my arm so to keep my Internal Compass working correctly , thanks Very Much , Sincerely Dale W.Morris


    I love drinking this when I know I will have a busy weekend, feeling low on energy, flu season, or traveling. I mentally feel like I am making an attempt to avoid getting sick. It does have a distinct taste so i recommend drinking it like a shot.