Banana Bag Oral Solution 30-count box for wholesale
Banana Bag Oral Solution 30-count box for wholesale

Banana Bag Oral Solution 30-count box for wholesale

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Wonderful Vitamins

We love the Banana bags simple for the energy and so needed vitamins that the body loves , not because of drunkenness or hang overs.
Thank you for a great product
Bless you and yours
Carola TX

4th order

This is fantastic not just when you over indulge but when traveling feeling rundown or if you're fighting a cold or flu...and the best part no needles

so amazing!!!

The customer service team was so nice with me & I'm so grateful to have tried banana bags, they taste good when you mix with gatorade and I feel so much better! I have migraines, a fainting disorder & fibromyalgia and could definitely tell the difference in my health and how it made me feel better!! Definitely recommend 10/10


The item works super well but my only complaint is it should taste better

Finally the IV alternative!

I’m an ICU nurse at night and thought this was the greatest idea ever when I saw it. Read reviews and liked what I saw. Everything negative is about taste but so much more positive on what it can do. Made one before I went in and drank it throughout the night. I usually drink a lot of caffeine and yes I take vitamins, but my body started to run down quick. With this product I felt more alert and only needed one cup of coffee. If everyone wonders what it taste like, it’s like a watered down yellow Gatorade with salt. It’s much better to stomach than EmergenC. I will be buying again! Thank you Banana Bag Oral Solution!