Banana Bag Oral Solution; 30-count retail box

Banana Bag Oral Solution; 30-count retail box

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Banana bag

These little banana bags pack a healthy punch. I take them before or after my workout, it helps replenish my electrolytes and gives me a nice boost. Being in the fire service these help after a long days/nights work.


I bought the Banana Bags because I was feeling extremely dehydrated. I drank a whole bottle of Pedialite one evening with no improvement. After 3 days/doses of these I was feeling WAY better! I ordered 30 the second time!

Hangover and dehydration

I ordered this to try and help with hangovers. I’ve only had one since I ordered a few weeks ago. I used it and it was 95% relief vs Gatorade, Pedialyte..etc. Today I was especially dehydrated from taking a pill for excess fluid and like a dummy I got out in the heat to break up my front porch that needed repaired with a sledgehammer. After an hour or so of hard work I got dizzy, with a headache and fatigue. I went straight for the Banana Bag. I mixed it and chugged it down. Honestly within 2 minutes I felt way better. 5-10 minutes later it was like nothing ever happened. This is a great product!

Life Saver!

This is the most legit vitamin and electrolyte product I've come across. I am constantly traveling through strange third world places where dehydration and fatigue happen almost every day and this product fixes all of that! I WILL NOT leave home without these from now on. Tastes good to me and enables me to enjoy my travels to the fullest!!


Really like the banana bag product, makes you feel good minutes after drinking it.