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Banana Bag Oral Solution; 30-count retail box
Banana Bag Oral Solution; 30-count retail box
Banana Bag Oral Solution; 30-count retail box
Banana Bag Oral Solution; 30-count retail box

Banana Bag Oral Solution; 30-count retail box

Regular price $ 50.85 Subscription price

Regular price $ 50.85 Subscription price

Sold in display boxes carrying 30 packets per box.
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Minimum order quantity: 3 boxes (free shipping)
MSRP: $3.09-$3.99/ per packet

Customer Reviews

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Good stuff

Love this, gives me energy and keeps me hydrated through the day. Tastes good too. I've gotten friends on board too and they love it.

Banana Bag is Magic ✨

This is my second order with Banana Bag. This drink is awesome for the morning after a few to many cocktails. I’ve also been doing infrared sauna workouts that make me sweat like crazy, Banana has been key to keeping me hydrated.

Good stuff

I felt better immediately after my first packet. I will order more!

Great Vitamins

Great pricey stuff, it does help you improve your health.
My husband and I love it.

Save a trip from going to the hospital!

Working through the bags now. This was great product to help my wife with her health issues that deplete her nutrition. Before we would have to make a hospital trip, but this is working great in place of it.

Tastes horrible

With the name Banana bag i was hoping for something that would taste like bananas.
It didn't taste good at all.

amazing!!!! so impressed, it’s my first time ever reviewing anything

i do a physical labor job and don’t drink enough water while working. on some days i come home and do cardio and on some nights off i drink alcohol. whatever reason i’m in need of a hydration boost, this stuff LITERALLY is like jesus came down from the heavens and cried magical healing tears into a cup and told me to drink it. (and i’m not a religious person, so..) seriously i’m a new person after this, i mix it with a 16.9oz water bottle in a cup with ice and a straw and some lemonade powder. i drink it within 5 minutes max and my lethargy and cloudiness goes away. been telling everyone i know about these little elixir packs. first i got the 5 pack to try, then got the 15 pack, and i just ordered the 30 pack. now i’ll never buy less than that. great product. thanks banana bag!!!!!!

I like the benefits but it tastes terrible

I did actually feel better and the product itself worked but I don’t think I will order it again because I can’t get past the smell and taste


Banana Bag Oral Solution

Banana Bag is a lifesaver!!

I had my colon removed 23 years ago (due to severe Ulcerative Colitis), and I have struggled with hydration ever since. I've gone to the ER more than once after passing out from becoming severely dehydrated. I'm very active and my family loves outdoor activities such as boating, camping, and spending time in/on the water. Someone introduced me to Banana Bag, and I can't tell you how wonderful it has been for me! I'm able to stay hydrated and feel great, and I can enjoy outdoor activities without the fear of feeling bad afterwards. THANK YOU!!