The origin of the Banana Bag Oral Solution grew out of my two passions, surfing and pharmaceutical science. My friends and work colleagues know I spend the majority of my time away from work chasing waves in tropical remote places around the world. I've endured all the hardships we surfers willingly put our bodies through in order to catch that perfect wave. Let me itemize the damage.

long, dehydrating flights from Florida to Indonesia


boat ride out to the Mentawai islands


surfing, using my entire body core

I've watched my friends chug EmergenC, energy drinks, Gatorade, and plain water in the mornings only to find them bedridden an hour later, or worse... surfing like my friend here in this picture. There has never been any reliable solution within the current marketplace to effectively relieve and restore their bodies with the proper electrolytes and vitamins. So, a couple years ago, I started looking around the pharmacy to see what I could come up with...

...to navigate the most amazing waves on the planet; along with all the intense elements of heat and humidity, and really no time to properly hydrate or find the resources for proper nutrition. No question, this is the perfect storm for severe dehydration and poor dietary intake leading up to muscle cramps, headaches, fatigue, diarrhea...etc.


The truth is, at work, I happen to have made countless intravenous Banana Bags in hospitals, and they are the default starting point for dehydrated, nutrient deficient patients. But for those of us still standing and not admitted to the ER, I personally think we would like to avoid an IV in the arm, at all costs. So, after years of listening to my colleagues quiz me for a more convenient solution to it all, I began to blend my own mix using the same ingredients I've used at work so many times before, but now it was to be taken orally.

Banana Bag Oral Solution has been clinically tested and shows significant benefits that can be helpful to people suffering from dehydration. After years of seeing how helpful IV therapy can be for adults in pain, we are proud to provide this WITHOUT the need to be connected to an IV. There are many reasons why someone might need Banana Bag Oral Solution. But whatever your reason might be, we encourage you to try one today from the comfort of your own home.