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Our Story

The origin of the Banana Bag Oral Solution grew out of my two passions, surfing and pharmaceutical science.
My friends and work colleagues know I spend the majority of my time away from work chasing waves in tropical remote places around the world. I've endured all the hardships we surfers willingly put our bodies through in order to catch that perfect wave.
Let me itemize the damage.


28 HR

long, dehydrating flights from Florida to Indonesia

10 HR

boat ride out to the Mentawai islands

6 HR

surfing, using my entire body core


Bringing Aid to Remote Families

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Importance of our Partnership

Funds will be directed to SurfAid's Mother and Child Health programs, ensuring remote communities have access to clean water & sanitation, basic healthcare, improved nutrition and economic opportunities. We're also providing product for SurfAid Cup competitors to help them stay hydrated on the beach.

We've always believed in bringing clinicians together, pooling knowledge to create sustainability and provide beneficial products, especially for underdeveloped countries. This partnership is right in line with our mission and values.

Our Shared Origin

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