Finally, the Emergency Room IV Banana Bag for dehydration and vitamin therapy, now as an oral solution!

While working as a Pharmacist in the ER, every time an inebriated patient was brought in, the doctors would habitually order a "banana bag" and I would quickly combine an intravenous saline drip with the critical vitamins that alcohol can bluntly drain from your body.  However, if the patients were coherent, and able to swallow, we know it doesn’t make complete sense considering the risks and costs... not to mention getting stuck with a needle.  As healthcare professionals, we know that clinical hydration and vitamin supplementation can be accomplished much more conveniently... by mouth. So I spent two years experimenting and optimizing an oral version of the intravenous drip.  And now, the Banana Bag Oral Solution is specifically formulated to be an entirely effective alternative to that IV drip we know so well... without the needle. 

Dr. Brian Dery,


The Banana Bag Oral Solution is specifically designed for alleviating fatigue and dehydration and creating versatility in efficiently transferring water, sodium, and vitamins into the bloodstream by using oral hydration instead of an IV.


One packet contains Vitamin C, B-complex, Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Dextrose, and uses no artificial ingredients or added sweeteners.


Banana Bag Oral Solution is a 6.6-gram powder sachet for reconstitution into 500ml of water to drink. Your "PO" alternative to the ER IV bag!

Who would know better than nurses?

Nurses are loving Banana Bag Oral Solution for so many reasons outside of alcohol use, and we think you will too! We have compiled a few testimonials from nurses all over the country who have stated this product is life changing!

"This product gave me my life back!"

"As a Registered Nurse and a dysautonomia patient, I sing its praise to anyone who will listen and highly recommend it. Thank you, Dr. Dery! My stamina increased, my brain fog lessened and I feel smart again. I am more active and lost 30 pounds so far."

Marsha Reda, Registered Nurse.
Director of Nursing at Aurora Home Care


If you’re a nurse, you already know how great this is. If you aren’t, lemme just tell you this stuff is great. It’s instant relief from dehydration, hangover etc. It doesn’t taste great, but that’s irrelevant for the result.

Laura Muncy,
Registered Nurse


I have been an RN for over 23 years and would highly recommend these. I will continue to use these products as necessary! Thanks for such a great product!

Registered Nurse


Finally, the emergency room IV formula, now as an oral solution!
The overnight ICU nurses are loving it.

Rachel Mendez,
Registered Nurse


As a nurse I work a crazy schedule and life is hectic. Working night shift and maintaining a functioning life on the home front is exhausting.  I decided to try this product and I couldn’t be happier. I felt more energetic and more focused. I have shared with my co-workers and I know a few have placed orders of their own. It’s nice to find a product worth standing behind!

Amber Faires,
Registered Nurse