Pharmaceutically formulated for adults who love to drink.

Looking for ways to feel better faster after enjoying an alcoholic beverage? Banana Bag Oral Solution (BBOS) is the trusted at-home version of the Banana Bag IVs you have heard about, seen, or even used.

Similar to the IV treatments, BBOS has been shown to significantly improve hydration in adults. Thanks to clinical trials conducted by a team at the University of New Mexico, we can say with confidence that Banana Oral solution helps increase absorption of important B12 vitamins when used by adults. Each little packet gives you a BIG boost of vitamins and electrolytes to help with the recovery process.

There are many reasons why you, your friends or family members who drink alcohol might benefit from Banana Bag Oral Solution. Dehydration due to treatments, illness, chronic ailments, surgery, activity, and alcohol could all lead people to need the help provided by BBOS.

Most importantly, you deserve to feel your best. BBOS can help you fight back against the nausea, dizziness, headaches, and other uncomfortable feelings that typically occur the morning after one two many.


Made For Adults

Far too often, adults suffering from dehydration reach for sports drinks, formulas designed for children, or water, when they really need vitamins, nutrients, and IV therapy.

Better than pediatric electrolyte solutions: Banana Bag Oral Solution contains 33% more electrolytes and less than one-half the calories when compared to other competitors.

BBOS provides low osmolality that allows electrolytes and fluids to be absorbed faster.

Made by a Pharmacist

Banana Bag Oral Solution is formulated by Board Certified Clinicians who worked with patients on a daily basis and have the education as well as background to ensure a quality product that works.

BBOS is created through the use of evidence-based science. Every ingredient was scrutinized and examined by experts for quality and efficacy.

Try the BBOS Pediatric Formula if you are looking for all the same benefits with an improved citrus taste.

Made in the USA

We are proud to say that Banana Bag Oral Solution is manufactured right here in the USA. Our products are produced under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), governed by USDA and/or FDA oversight and inspection.

Our headquarters is located in California, but our team can also be found in Florida and Kentucky.

You can find us in every state across the country and we are expanding to new retail locations each month.

Interested in learning more about Banana Bag Oral Solution, trying some for yourself, or stocking up on packets for friends and family who need them during the holidays? Let's get started!

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