Banana Bag Oral Solution - PEDIATRIC

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Medical Grade Electrolyte & Vitamin Packets (Flavored for ages 4 and up)

Dissolve the contents of one packet into 8 - 16 ounces of water and drink once daily as needed for dehydration and/or vitamin supplementation. 

One single-use packet contains:

  • Sodium: 410 mg
  • Potassium: 60 mg
  • Chloride: 538 mg
  • Dextrose: 3.7 grams
  • Vitamin C: 500 mg
  • Vitamin B-Complex*
  • Organic Orange-Tangerine flavor
  • No artificial or non-caloric sweeteners | No preservatives | No dyes | No artificial flavors | No GMOs | No gluten
*Full spectrum, high dose B-Complex with L-Methylfolate and Methylcobalamin


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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Anonymous (Gainesville, US)
Great product

I have POTS and drink this almost daily when I don’t need as high of levels of B vitamins as the original solution.

Erin Clow (Grand Forks, US)
Helped my son

My poor three year old got the stomach flu and for two days straight vomited every hour. It got so bad he was put on nausea medication and broke a blood vessel in his eye. On day two I gave him a cup of the Pediatric Banana Bag and he did not vomit again! His color immediately went back to normal and he perked up and was wanting to play. I honestly can’t believe anything but the Pediatric Banana Bag is what helped him. I immediately purchased more and got them quickly enough for my daughter to unfortunately get the flu. I gave her the solution right away after she threw up and that was the only time she vomited. It’s amazing and a lifesaver when you have sick kids!

Suprenea Cloyd (Louisville, US)

[email protected] I used the banana bag solution after a night at a party and within 1hr I was back on my feet feeling refreshed. I also use it for daily hydration

Dennis Kelly (Franklin, US)

Excellent product

Melissa P. (Austin, US)
Love your product!

Banana bag is a great product. I purchased the original flavor the first time, and thought it was ok in flavor. It does what it says it does. This time I purchased the pediatric formula. I prefer it flavor over the original. Thanks for producing a great product.

Michael T (Orlando, US)
Good Hydration & Supplementation

The product assimilates very well and quickly. Having all colonic tissue removed due to an autoimmune disorder and the threat of cancer with a "J-Pouch surgically created from my terminal ilium in its place; I have a very limited time to absorb what I consume. Electrolytes and other essentials that are taken for granted are a daily challenge for me to retain and absorb. Finally, a product that has such and so much more, that is not comingled with simple sugars (and likely caffeine) just so it can delight the tongue and be mass marked. It is part of my daily routine and I can feel the difference. Thank you.
Mike T

Jennifer (Carthage, US)
vestibular migraines

I use this product on a regular basis and the pediatric solutions tastes much better,lol I was taking it for POTS but it works for this type of migraine and also have vertigo from a brain tumor, I have been drinking it the last few days to get me through rough times.

Anita (Raleigh, US)
Hydration for POTS

I have POTS so Banana Bag is perfect for my hydration needs.

Cierra Perdue (Arlington, US)
Love This Stuff!!

This has helped tremendously, I have recently got really sick and was super dehydrated an had vitamin deficiency but the solution is a life saver! Thank yall.

Terrence Heaps (Delray Beach, US)
The Real DEal

This is my 3rd time purchasing Banana Bag and I use it frequently in the brutal South Florida summers, working in the yard or hiking in the Everglades. Not the best tasting stuff but I don't buy it for the taste, rather for the job it does well.