Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution
Banana Bag Oral Solution

Banana Bag Oral Solution

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Regular price $ 0.00 $ 15.49 Subscription price


BBOS contains high dose B-vitamins and vitamin-C in an oral electrolyte powder blend consisting of sodium, chloride, potassium, & dextrose.  Organic lemon-lime flavoring added for palatability. No other inactive ingredients.
No preservatives / No artificial or non-caloric sweeteners / No dyes / Non-Gmo / Gluten free
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Customer Reviews

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Love this stuff

It’s great for keeping me hydrated during this COVID19 pandemic as I’m swamped at work and forget to drink water during the day. I have a monthly subscription for this stuff. My husband and I take it 4 times a week.

The best re-hydration product I've tried

This is not my first time using Banana Bag (this product) but it is my first review. First time I've used it - I was suffering from a heavy flu, being to sick to make an effort to prepare a tea. My friend have sent me about 10 packs - and it was a godsend. It worked much better than any vitamin C infused powder or electrolyte mix one can buy in the store. It really helped me to recover.
Second time - it was a surfing trip, which I took w/o being fit and in shape. After a session of being thrashed in the waves, I would go in thirsty beyond belief. But - not even "enough water" was enough, I was shaking - until I started mixing Banana Bag - one cup (laaaarge one) and more water. That made my surfing trip a decent one - I was still out of shape :)
So - I truly recommend this product, have it in your bag, back-pack, whether you're sick or about to have an epic surf session!

Great for Rehydration!

Wonderful product. Definitely helped with rehydration as I live in quite a dry area and often have issues with dehydration. I have also mixed it with fruit drinks to enhance the flavor. Better than Gatorade! A+


Definitely gives me energy