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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 1092 reviews
        David James Jones (Ottawa, CA)
        Banana bag

        it’s keeping me hydrated and pushing forward

        Shiloh Dean (Greenwood, US)

        I love banana bag

        Jennifer Waring (Saint Annes on the Sea, GB)
        Banana bags

        Excellent product couldn't be without it for my Pots condition excellent service every time

        Dawn M Lundstrom (Castro Valley, US)
        Saving us time from going to the Infusion Clinic

        My daughter has dysautonomia and gets weekly infusions, so far the Banana bag drinks have kept it from becoming daily infusions! We love it, thank you so very much!

        Joseph Papaloa (Coram, US)
        Helped with hydration but the taste was difficult to handle.

        I felt the benefits of the product were good but the taste was difficult to handle. I would highly recommend to add some type of flavor.

        Bethany Long (Pittsburgh, US)
        Best hydration product out there

        I have Sjogren's Syndrome which causes multiple symptoms, one being extreme dryness of eyes and mouth. Since taking this product, not only has this intense dryness dissipated, but many other symptoms accompanied, like constipation and joint pain have subsided. The other positive aspect about this product is that it isn't filled with sugar like other hydration products. I sincerely cannot recommend this enough. It was a life changer in comfort for me and we really can't ask for much more than that. It is priceless to me and I will be a forever customer!

        Sean Ryan (Ashburn, US)
        Great Product With Great People

        I suffer from severe POTS and without my permission my relatives cleaned me out of my Banana Bags. This caused my Pots to spike. Brian was kind enough to rush me a belated Christmas gift and 30 day supply was rushed to me.

        Great product just make sure to find a good hiding place from hung over family members. I don’t drink but they told me it cured their hangovers.


        Jodi Severinski (Nanaimo, CA)

        It’s really not as bad tasting as everyone says. I found it had barely any taste, maybe a slight bit of barely noticeable saltiness. I put lemon flavour drops in and it was perfectly fine.

        I usually struggle with fatigue and the odd tension headache from antidepressant medication/life being a pain in general. About halfway through drinking I found the fatigue was gone, about an hour after finishing I felt back to normal and the bit of tension I had was gone. I also had energy to get up and do things. It seems to help lessen tension headaches and the woozy feeling I get as I usually don’t have an appetite when I’m headachey and don’t eat much. The headache didn’t fully disappear but was definitely not as intense. I also take CBD and THC supplements so it could all be working together to help.

        These are great to have around. The conversion to Canadian dollars and the shipping to Canada is a little rough but it’s a great product and I’m hoping to be able to make a bulk order soon to keep a supply at hand.

        Great product, thanks so much for this!

        Paul Pecorino (New York, US)

        Banana Bag Oral Solution

        Rob Drum (Dennis, US)

        I had a bad cold and was seriously dehydrated, plus had a Christmas party the night before, and could feel my muscles cramping and felt terrible overall.
        Poured one pouch into a pedialite and could feel the effects in a couple of hours. Turned my day around.
        It’s worth trying.

        Customer Reviews

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