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Banana Bag Oral Solution
Erin (Foley, US)
Poor Fit

I’ve heard really great things about BBOS from others with POTS. Unfortunately, BBOS was a poor fit for me. I was able to get over the taste and drink the packet mixed in ~12oz of water. Unfortunately, shortly after, I felt nauseated. I hope to give the remaining 4 packets to a friend.

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Christopher Thomas (Denver, US)

Amazing product!

Banana Bag Oral Solution - PEDIATRIC FLAVOR
Sharon Butler (Chicago, US)
Strong taste

Very strong taste. Could only take a few sips. While I’m sure this is an outstanding product, I just couldn’t stomach the taste and smell.

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Kathleen Kerry (Palo Alto, US)
Not sure yet

I have used two portions of this so far. I am unsure if it had made any difference to my health, but I should know soon. Stay tuned!

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Hall Boyer (Happy Valley, US)
A must have for drunks

To say I am a heavy drinker is an understatement, most would classify me as severe alcoholic. I’m more of drunk because I don’t destroy my life/relationships, in fact life is better than ever, except for hangovers. I’ve tried everything but this oral rehydration solution really works. Mix with 12 ounces of clean water and pound the F out of it and you will be more hydrated and Aquaman himself. Doesn’t really taste to great but that shouldn’t stop you from using this product.

Banana Bag Oral Solution
anon (Los Angeles, US)
Its functional it works.

i have chronic mild gastritis and mild esophagitis. im taking ppis and cannot ear certain foods. i do feel good after drinking this. i take it with alkaline water witha ph of 8 or higher.

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Cathy Johnson (Calgary, CA)

Smelled & tasted awful. Could not consume

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Katherine Compitus (Goshen, US)

I have POTS and I’ve tried many hydration supplements and they all help a little. Banana Bag is the only one that helps A LOT. I feel completely refreshed after taking it, like I had a really good night’s sleep. I’m full of energy and feel alive. I just bought more. Highly recommend.

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Felix Quintana (Hialeah, US)
Great customer service

Great Product great customer service.

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Amy Donahue Benét (Melbourne, US)
Wanted to love it but caused nauseousness

I really wanted to love banana bag. Didn’t care for the taste but could have gotten past it. I tried it on three occasions and it make me really nauseous even with food.

Banana Bag Oral Solution - PEDIATRIC FLAVOR
Anonymous (Gainesville, US)
Great product

I have POTS and drink this almost daily when I don’t need as high of levels of B vitamins as the original solution.

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Anonymous (Gainesville, US)
Incredible for POTS

I have POTS and get depleted of electrolytes easily. This keeps me out of the ER. I also live in Florida and if anyone gets overheated this helps them immediately. If you have any chronic illness where nutrition is an issue and/or getting up in the morning is almost impossible I would highly recommend this. I drink this on my worse days and the Pediatric Formula almost daily. The vitamins also make my hair and nails grow incredibly fast.

Banana Bag Oral Solution
M.S. (Huntington, US)
Excellent Product

Does what it says on the tin; an absolute miracle product for rapid re-hydration. It's not the kind of thing you'd want to drink every day, but if you find yourself particularly dried out from a big day of activity, a long night of drinking, or even just during your period (seriously, I can't overstate how much this helps with the bloating, headaches and general bad mood), then you need this product.

Banana Bag Oral Solution; Subscription Service
Lindsay St Clair (Phoenix, US)
Incredible customer service and product - POTS, Dysautonomia, fatigue, migraines

It's rare these days to find a company who truly cares and upholds inpeccible customer service... I've had the best experience with Sydney and team at Banana Bag. I have hypermobile EDS which is challenging to manage with all the health issues the multiple symptoms/diagnosis it comes with: POTS, dysautonomia, immune dysfuction, severe fatigue and pain to name a few... one of the top experts (Dr. Chopra) recommends banana bags for electrolyte balance to help combat the symptoms. I'm a huge fan of the product and it makes a huge difference in how I feel each day (I definitely notice when I don't take it) - helps me with fatigue, dizziness, migraine, brain fog and overall feeling of wellness when well hydrated and electrolytes are balanced. I had multiple surgeries 8 weeks ago and ran out --- wow, I realized how much they truly help (won't let that happen again), but the team quickly helped me get back in action... very responsive to email and phone - even helped me late one evening... felt like I was talking to a friend. :-)
Packets are convenient and easy to use - perfect for purse, car and travel, too. I will be a customer for life - not only because the product has made a big difference in how I feel, but also because they truly care and have the mentality of patients' first... You are treated like a person rather than a number/sale, and for those on challenging health journeys - every bit of kindness and empathy go a long way. Thank you, Sydney and everyone at Banana Bag!

If interested: Page 122 of Dr. Chopra's presentation recommending Banana Bag oral rehydration (in my opinion - much healthier and no fillers compared to alternative rehydration - trust me - I've tried them all:

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Vicki H. (Napoleon, US)
Helped my daughter's POTS

My 16-year-old daughter was diagnosed with mild POTS in the summer of 2021. By adding one Banana Bag packet to juice each morning, she has seen a decrease in dizziness and headaches. We credit the Banana Bag to her being able to successfully continue her career as a high school cross country runner.
She had tried Liquid IV, Vitamin Water and Propel. Clearly, Banana Bag is a heavy-hitter and the winner in our book!

Just finished up the season as a sawyer on a Hotshot crew fighting wildfires in the West. Running a chainsaw for 16+ hours a day in Arizona, or really anywhere near a fire, is real sweaty work and replacing salts is a must on the line. Over the course of the last few seasons I've tried pretty much every electrolyte powder/pill around (Pedialyte, Liquid IV, Drip Drop, Salt Sticks, RecoverORS, etc) with varied results, but Banana Bags have been the best by far.

They just flat out work. When I'm real dried and cramping hard and about to really go down I'll take one with as much water as I can slam, and within 15 minutes or so I'll be back up and going again. Banana Bags are lifesavers (literally sometimes) for me on the fireline. I've been using them for a couple years alongside other electrolytes, but about halfway through this season I switched over to using them exclusively and I don't think I'll be going back.

They don't taste real great but honestly, who cares-- they work well and don't load you up on sugar.

Banana Bag Oral Solution; Subscription Service
Rachael Laube (Pompano Beach, US)
Bought for my boyfriend

My boyfriend works outside in the South Florida heat Monday-Friday. He was in the hospital twice in one week for dehydration. I seen these and figured I would try them. When it comes to his health and wellbeing, I will try anything. He tried them for a week and had no dehydration issues so I continued to buy them. He says they work. It gives him more energy at work and he doesn't sweat AS MUCH as he did before. Definitely worth atleast trying and seeing if they work for you!

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Josh Prevatt (Lumberton, US)

Banana Bag Oral Solution

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Debra Wood (Orlando, US)
Great product-Great Customer Svc

Both the product and customer service are excellent; I especially love that there's nothing artificial in the Banana Bag Oral Solution (nor stevia, which I'm not a fan of)!

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Judith Schofield (Ardmore, US)

I had a massive bowel resection about 8 months ago. One of the problems this caused is becoming dehydrated very easily and quickly. I also cannot drink plain water since it doesn't help with dehydration due to lack of bowels. I have tried numerous rehydration powders and drinks with limited success. Banana Bog Oral Solution has by far helped me the most! It gives me exactly what I need. I can drink one before I do something active or have one to keep me on track daily with the proper electrolytes and vitamins I can no longer absorb by eating. So glad I found this product!

Banana Bag Oral Solution; Subscription Service
Katrina V Popovice (Bethlehem, US)
POTS lifesaver

I have POTS and I've ordered these twice now. They have really helped me manage my symptoms. I have been feeling better and more consistent with my exercise thanks to my reduced symptoms. I really recommend giving it a try.

Banana Bag Oral Solution - Free Shipping!
Jinxy (Los Angeles, US)
Pretty great

I usually use these after a night of drinking and they do help with the hangover

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Justine Frederick (Rio Rancho, US)
Game Changer

I have Post Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome(POTS) and I also do a lot of desert hiking. I have a very difficult time staying hydrated. The more water I drink, the more dehydrated I become because my body doesn’t retain electrolytes. While watching the premier of “Behind The Visible” (movie about POTS) I heard other patients talk about the Banana Bag Drink and how it was helping them with All of the same symptoms that I experience daily! I definitely noticed a difference in how I feel physically. My heart rate is lower, my blood pressure is a little higher, my last blood draw took fewer sticks so my blood volume must be going up and I have more energy! I just placed my 3rd order for a 30-day supply. I mix mine with sugar free kool-aide and it is delicious!

Banana Bag Oral Solution
Leah Weinand (Schaumburg, US)
Life Saver

These are amazing! Just got married and was sure to have them readily available for the morning after. Everyone was so grateful! Highly recommend!

Great hydration

Was dehydrated from playing tennis in the hot Florida sun and this product truly was a huge help in making me hydrated and feeling better.