created by a pharmacist

A Clinically-Focused, Oral Alternative to IV Banana Bags

One packet reconstituted in 250 - 500 mL of water yields 17.8 mEq of sodium and only 18 mMol of dextrose (410 mg sodium / 3.7 grams organic dextrose).

By having a 1:1 mMol ratio of sodium to glucose, we now have an osmolarity range in the gut of 120 to 240 mOsm/L. This formula significantly reduces the need for IV dehydration treatment.

What does all this mean? A clinically-focused oral re-hydration solution can allow the body to absorb water very efficiently through the GI system and into the bloodstream. Thus providing the following benefits without the need for intravenous access:

Heart Rate

Increase In
Blood Volume

Increase In
Thermal Cooling

Restore Sense
Of Balance


No artificial flavors

No dyes

No preservatives

No unnecessary sugars or sweeteners


No gluten