Pharmaceutically formulated for adults who love to drink.

The origin of the Banana Bag Oral Solution grew out of my two passions, surfing and using pharmaceutical science to better the lives of my patients, family, and friends. Surf travel led me to situations in which extended airport time (alcohol), tropical vistas (alcohol), boats (alcohol).... well, you see the trend. Being the Pharmacist on these trips encouraged me to concoct something that would keep us hydrated and healthy through it all, and had to be much better than all the current electrolyte/vitamin/energy drinks available. So after a few more years of working in a busy hospital, and making countless intravenous Banana Bags, the light went on!

The truth is, IV Banana Bags are the default starting point for dehydrated, possibly vitamin-deficient patients, mainly the ones who love their drink a little too much. Why? Alcohol consumption runs the risks of critical dehydration, poor dietary intake and/or absorption of critical B-vitamins, most importantly Thiamine and Folate, all of which an IV “banana bag” is aimed to fix. However, for those of us still standing and able to consume liquids by mouth, I personally think we would like to avoid an IV in the arm, at all costs. Knowing that clinical hydration and vitamin supplementation can be accomplished without the need for intravenous therapy, I began to blend my own mix using the same vitamin & electrolyte formula I've used at work so many times before, but now it was to be taken orally in a glass of water.

With a small clinical trial demonstrating a return to baseline hydration status in dehydrated subjects, statistically significant absorption of B12 and B6, and significant absorption of B1 and B9, all after just one dose of the Banana Bag Oral Solution, we now have the “fix”... without the needle.


Made For Adults

BBOS is a medical grade solution, pharmaceutically formulated for adults who love to drink!

Far too often, adults suffering from dehydration after one too many, reach for pediatric electrolyte solutions that are sweet and well-made for kids. Drinks like Pedialyte are designed for children, with too much sugar and none of the vitamins needed to nourish adults after drinking.

Made by a Pharmacist

This is a powerful solution that follows the rules of science and medicine. Will it taste like birthday cake? Probably not. Remember, this is for adults and made by a pharmacist.

Try the BBOS Pediatric Formula if you are looking for all the same benefits with an improved citrus taste...but it's still not going to taste like birthday cake.

Made in the USA

We are proud to say that Banana Bag Oral Solution is manufactured right here in the USA. Our products are produced under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), governed by USDA and/or FDA oversight and inspection.

You can find us throughout the country in retail pharmacies or online at and Amazon.

"For my customers who like to indulge a bit too much and stay on their feet the next day, Banana Bag Oral Solution is the practical oral alternative to the expensive and time-consuming vitamin infused IV drips."

--Javier Diaz, Pharm.D.

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